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Dominate WvW with us!

Watch some of our raids

Ranger Danger nights!

Making it rain with barrage.

Fun games night!

Role play, hide and seek, iSketch and cards against humanity!
by Apsallar on Jun 30, 2014 at 06:44 AM
All KA members are invited to share their favorite recipes to be included in the first ever KA Cookbook! Once all the entries are posted I will compile them into an ebook/pdf so it will be easy to use at home.

Think you've got the best recipe in the guild? Let's see it! It can be anything, a side dish, main dish, salad, dessert, soup, sauce, wild game, even vegan. Regional and family recipes are highly encouraged, if you've got a story about your dish share that too!

The BEST recipe (as judged by actual chef Hayter and actual food-eater myself) will win 50 gold

The RUNNER UP will win a gem store hat of their choice

Submit by the end of july in the karma cook book forum thread.

by Apsallar on Jun 11, 2014 at 07:09 PM
The upcoming week will be a training orientated week.
There are a lot of new people we have picked up this week, next week will be focused on.
Mail me in game "apsallar" if you need any specific help. We are looking for people who can also help mentor people. Need mentors especially for Warriors/Guards/Eles/necros/Rangers(yes rangers)

Schedule will look something like:

Friday: 7PM Warrior/Guard training 8PM Regular training 9PM Reset

Saturday: 7PM Ele/necro training 8PM Guild missions 9PM raid

Sunday: 6-8PM individual mentoring 8PM raid

Monday: 8-10PM ?? TBA training

10PM Fun games night( hide n seek/ frog raid/ Bobble head)

Tuesday: 7PM-8PM individual mentoring 8PM raid

Wednesday: 8PM raid

Thursday: 7-8PM havoc training 8PM-11PM Havoc 11PM guild missions

by Apsallar on Jun 10, 2014 at 12:10 AM
Thanks to those who came to our hide and seek/mini games night tonight!

Finx won the first hide and seek in Fields of Ruins

Sock/Waffles won the second in the Ossan District in DR

Pivva won the last in the hardest one (that spanned half an hour) in hoelbrak!

Congratulations and thanks those who turned out for a merry go hunt ^,^.
by Apsallar on Jun 06, 2014 at 12:51 AM
We are currently lacking enough heavy classes for our WvW runs.
We have atm a lot of eles but not enough healing shout warriors in our WvW composition.

If you can maintain above 20-30 FPS average during a zerg fight, please consider playing a heavy MELEE class like a warrior or a guardian. To help you out, if you have a level 80 Warrior or guardian who needs gear let me know.

For warriors: I can give you full set of soldiers armor, full trooper runes, superior sigil of fire, superior sigil of accuracy, superior sigil of restoration and a major bloodlust sigil.

For guardians: 6 clerics armor, trooper runes, stamina sigils, and a sigil of fire.

Ideally our composition should look something like 3 rotation eles, 1 or 2 mesmers and then the following class ratio.
by Apsallar on Jun 01, 2014 at 04:45 AM

Good work everyone in KA!

Your hard work, massive overtime and dedication to WvW has allowed us to triumph as season 2 champions! I appreciate the hard work everyone put into scouting overtime (Makken, Viva, Dilla, Lilbit, Selene, Bandor, Autumn, Kavanabon, Charrizard, and others).

Special thanks to Charrizard for commanding extreme overtime. He promised us 12 hours a day commanding and delivered in the final week allowing us to push TC very hard in OCX and SEA time.

Collectively as a guild, we improved over the season dramatically. The karma at the start of the season and karma at the end of the season is a different beast entirely. We are now one of the strongest guilds NA in T1 WvW. People run from us and we lead our forces to victory almost daily. Each and every one of you improved individually as a player. I am especially proud of our amazing eles and guardians, you guys are the backbone for our sustain heal playstyle.