Rank and Rules






General Rule - racism, sexism, or any discriminatory remarks or trolling will not be tolerated. We understand jokes are jokes, but it’s very clear when the line is crossed

Every member of Karma must adhere to the general rule, and respect other members. Keep disagreements that could potentially get hostile private, and be mature about them.

“Misdemeanors” & Three Strike Policy

  • A three strike policy will be enforced in Karma. Leaders have access to a document where they record if another member has gotten a strike. Strikes are only given when another member has obviously crossed the line and not in tune with the general rule (of no racism, sexism, discriminatory remarks) and keeping “disagreements” private.


  • Getting three strikes does not necessarily mean a permanent ban from guild, but after 3 strikes the leaders discuss the appropriate course of action.
  • The person who “gets a strike” needs to be made aware of why either through a mumble or reddit PM and kindly asked to refrain from doing it again (being racist, sexist, etc.).
  • Also the person who gets a strike has the ability to appeal it if they feel its unfair by sending a message through mod mail. If others were there for the action, they can also chime in. All this can be done in a private channel on mumble, or through reddit mail.
  • While the policy will be enforced, we hope it never has to and don’t expect it to happen too often due to the fact we’re very open about our environment and general rule. Therefore those who aren’t in agreement with it probably won’t join.

Serious Offenses of the General Rule & Coleader/Mod Discretion

  • If someone oversteps the line with intensity (breaks the general rule with no remorse) or is directing discriminatory remarks at another Karma member they can be given 2 strikes off the bat - in essence there is also a “One Strike Policy”.
  • Mods also have discretion to use their abilities for “gray areas” or offenses that are obvious but not necessarily included in this outline.